We're generally downright Ludditic when it comes to our music (we like it loud and bratty -- and no backing tapes, please) but one can't help but get a little giddy when confronted with a guitar that does, you know, other stuff. Matt Bellamy's Manson MB-1 signature is not only a respectable ax in its own right, but it also features an X-Y controller (think Korg Kaoss Pad) for two dimensional control of damn near any FX plug-in you can get your hands on. Available in "Matt Black" and "Red Sparkle," this bad boy starts at £2,999 (that's almost $4,400, folks). But what do you expect for what Music Radar has termed "easily the most technologically advanced signature guitar on the planet?" Or you could just buy a Kaoss Pad and shove it in your Les Paul. But we wouldn't recommend that. Make sure you check out the stunning video demonstration after the break.