Source - PS2Dev

TyRaNiD has released a new version of PspLink. If you haven't heard of PspLink and are doing Psp coding, then you should read this:
PSPLINK is an attempt at producing a loader/development application to eliminate the need to go back to the VSH every time. It provides a shell over the SIO, USB or WIFI connection from which you can load new applications, dump useful system information and then reset the PSP to start another application. You can also access some of the features of PSPLINK using a simple on screen console shell, which maps commands to button presses. The program mounts the USB device so you can copy new executables onto the memory stick for execution or you can choose to use the USB host filing system which allows you to access programs directly from your PC. It also eliminates some of the boilerplate code necessary for executables by installing stdio and kprintf handlers for TTY output as well as a built in exception handler, rudimentary debugger and GDB server.

The latest version allows developers to get all the features of PspLink using just a USB cable. This includes creating a Host file system, and GDB debugging! Grab the latest version here.