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Thread: Remo Browser v0.5

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    Default Remo Browser v0.5

    Meridimus posted a new Lua Release:

    <blockquote>Hi Peeps,

    This is a Lua application with a difference. The navigation is clean and different to all the stuff I've otherwise seen recently.

    It's a remote and local file browser that remembers the position of each place locally and remotely. Wireless functionality is still incomplete, for now you can navigate your local folders and delete files, check battery etc. Check it out!

    In my opinion, even in its current stage of development it's a great replacement to lowser.

    Please note, when in USB mode all functions are disabled, you must exit USB mode before proceeding to use Remo.

    Oh, and REMO stands for REMOTE. But just looks better (in my opinion).


    * Left trigger, displays Local files (L for Local...)
    * Right trigger, displays Remote files (R for Remote...)
    * Cross, Up Directory or Escape delete
    * Circle, Select folder, run application or Confirm delete
    * Square, USB Mode
    * Start, if replacing Lowser it's "Reboot" Remo, otherwise quit application
    * Select, sort files ASCENDING to DESCENDING and back again

    Known Bugs:

    * When browsing empty folders Lua crashes for some reason
    * USB mode doesn't stop when exiting an internally loaded application
    * Remote folder overuns selectable list
    * Deleting the last file in a folder causes crash (reference to bug 1)
    * Cannot delete a folder that contains files (should be simple to sort out, create a loop that traverses through the directory and deletes files. Will cause problem 1 to occur again!)
    * Without a battery in the PSP the percentage result is incorrect

    To Do:

    * Fix crash where no files in a folder (might be a Lua player problem...)
    * Allow wireless connection to be implemented
    * Allow remote navigation
    * Allow remote file transfer
    * Allow copy and paste, locally at least.
    * Allow folder creation (needs keyboard input, could implement existing app).
    * Better theme support
    * Clean up code


    Copy into your PSP/Games/Luaplayer/Applications folder

    Requires Lua 0.16</blockquote>

    Download via comments

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    Sweet. No more crashing. Nicely done. (first, w00t)


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