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Thread: Petalburg Woods or Koopa?

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    Default Petalburg Woods or Koopa?

    Yesterday I bought Paper Mario 2 and found a petalburg koopa to help me with the hooktail castle but recently today i was on the pokemon minisite because nintendo server was full and there was petalburg woods wat is happening at nintendo

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    Default Re: Petalburg Woods or Koopa?

    Better posted in one of the ninty forums perhaps?

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    Default Re: Petalburg Woods or Koopa?

    Yeah one of the admin may move this..

    But PM2 is a great game, and im sure you'll like it. As for nintendos innovation of late has been poor, the last year or two has seen alot of great games that have been let down by small points like rubbish bits of story.
    Hopefully thats due to concentration on the DS.

    Also the ninty site has been down alot lately especially during this week although it is half term. Whats your nameon there? im Johno37

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