I have always wanted Sonic Roboblast 2 for the psp. Now before you say "IMPOSSIBLE", Listen up! After intense searching, I found some others with my same wish a few years back. The project has long since been dead. What I was hoping to do is spread the word, so maybe the original owner, or anybody else can revive it. I think it would be an awesome game for psp homebrew. I am willing to use my slim to test builds.

For those of you who do not know what srb2 is, It stands for sonic roboblast 2. This game was started around 10 years ago using the one of the source trees off the original doom source code. It was an attempt by fans to do what sega couldn't do- make a fun 3d sonic platformer with a nostalgic atmosphere of sonic games long gone. The reason it is popular among fans is the addition of online multiplayer, as well as the ability to make characters, zones, and whole game modifications.

The boot image that is supposedly "embedded" in the pbp file.

Psp attempting to run srb2 in 16 color mode.

I seem to have found the svn for all the build targets this guy was working on

I managed to dig up the person responsible for this port. He is called Andrew Clunis.
His website is HERE As it seems, the project was abandoned because at the time, the psp slim was not capable of homebrew. If wo can harness the extra ram for SRB2, the game should run managably. So who agrees? Who would love to see this game for pspslim homebrew?

Spread the news, we might possibly have something here!!!