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Thread: SCEE: Sony PSP Line-Up Hasn't Met Expectations

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    psp SCEE: Sony PSP Line-Up Hasn't Met Expectations

    David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, picked an odd place to make his farewell speech: Capcom's annual press event.

    "After 15 memorable years, I'm going to retire at the end of this month," said Reeves. "It has been a true pleasure working at Playstation, pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry."

    Reeves said he decided to speak at Capcom's annual event because of their long-standing relationship with the publisher.

    "I'm here talking to you because of the relationship between Capcom and Sony that has been cultivated to create some of the greatest games over the years and it's a relationship we will continue to cultivate."

    Reeves says that the relationship between Capcom and Playstation goes back to 1994, the year the Playstation launched.

    "Against everyone's advice, we created a disc-based console and launched it into the powerhouse of Nintendo," he said. "This relationship has continued through to the Playstation 2 and to the latest generation with the Playstation Portable and Playstation 3."

    Reeves said that it is this relationship between the two companies that brought him to Capcom's event that night to give what would be his last official presentation to the press.

    Most surprising that evening, was Reeves self-deprecating comments about the Playstation Portable

    "We know that our own Sony line-up has not been up to expectations, but tonight is a prime example of how that has been rectified," he said. "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sold 3 million units in Japan… showing what can happen when you bring a top quality product to the Playstation Portable."

    Reeves wrapped up his short presentation by expressing his pleasure at working in the industry for so long.

    "The industry has changed beyond recognition throughout the 15 years I've worked in it," he said. "It will always be an industry I will be proud to be a part of."

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    Well I think this is good news, because SCEE was making nonsences

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    The bad news are that they don't give up on monster hunter. It is a game that simply won't work outside of japan, so it is a bad example.

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