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Thread: PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.5

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    Default PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.5

    Luzer has released a new version of his app for streaming MP3s onto the PSP, heres the info

    I Overview:
    You can now stream your entire MP3 collection from your home PC (Windows XP/MCE/2K) to your Sony PSP (w/ firmware version 2.6+) - anywhere in the world - with this dynamic RSS channel creator. No need to take up valuable space on your memory stick.

    II Features:
    * Dynamicly generates an RSS Channel from your MP3's
    * Reads ID3 Tags and adds them as metedata to the channel
    * Stream/Play music off the RSS Channel directly from your PSP Browser

    III Release Notes: (updated 03/03/2006)
    a) Requirements:
    * Windows 2000/XP/MCE machine (tested on all 3)
    * Playstation Portable Player (PSP) w/ version 2.6.0+ firmware
    * some MP3 files
    * .Net Framework 1.1

    b) Steps:
    * download PspMediaSever_0.X.X.rar (see below) & unrar to a temp directory
    * run setup.exe, choose defaults, close.
    * go to the IIS Admin Tool (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager)
    * Create a new Virtual Directory (alias "PSP"), path is your "My Music" (or wherever your MP3s are stored), allow read/run scripts/browse setting, click next, close.
    * change the following line in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\PspMediaServer\web.config file to:

    where YOUR_INTERNAL_IP is the value of your internal ip address (ie
    * Test your new webserver by browsing to http://YOUR_INTERNAL_IP/PspMediaServer & clicking on GetAllMedia - HTML
    * On your PSP, browse to http://YOUR_INTERNAL_IP/PspMediaServer & click on GetAllMedia - XML. Choose YES to add as an RSS channel
    * enjoy!

    Download via comments

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    could you be more detailed in your steps

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    Default need help

    i just need some help setting this thing up

    if i can have a more step by step instructions, i could most likely get it working

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    When i run setup file (tried all) it says: This setup requires Internet Information Server 4.0 or higher and Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or XP. This setup cannot be installed on window 95, 98 or ME. Please install internet information server and run the setup again

    :S helP?

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    i got as far as testing the webserver but it wont allow me to click on the 'GetAllMedia' html or xml links. Did anybody get this thing to work????

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    i got as far as testing the webserver but it wont allow me to click on the 'GetAllMedia' html or xml links. Did anybody get this thing to work????
    I got the same thing when I access it locally or externally any help?

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    Default PLEASE PLEASE link to

    if you are going to copy it, PLEASE PLEASE link to, so your users can get support.

    1) you need 2000/XP Professional
    2) first get the webserver working locally.
    3) then try from the PSP
    4) then try over the ineternet.
    5) email me bigluzer@ -------------------- for more help

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