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Thread: Step by step installing Monkey 64

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    Default Step by step installing Monkey 64

    I really need help installing the monkey 64 emulator!
    I am very new to homebrew because i got my PSP really soon, and updated it the day i got it... I did not really care much about homebrew cuz i have a 2.6 psp until i saw the monkey 64 emulator working on the 2.6 version psp.

    I would really like a step by step help tutorial with links and all the stuff that i need to run a game on my psp! Please help!

    Also, do you need GTA?

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    didn't u see this at the top of the page!?!?!

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    If I were you I'd go and buy another psp and swap the contents and return it. 2.6 is not worth the hassle, I have had 1.5 from day one and never updated until recently because I know 2.0 was downgradeable and it was part of my tactic to get dbz to load without 2.6. However 2.0 sucks so I had to go back down to 1.5 then shortly after the fix became known for this 2.6 game on 1.5.

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    If I were you I'd go and buy another psp and swap the contents and return it.
    LOL! That funny

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