Newly released today:

Race on various tracks using any and every trick you have up your sleeve
From using items to slow down opponents, to crushing other drivers against the side of the track, to simply breezing past rivals using skillful driving maneuvers, racers will do whatever it takes to be proclaimed number one
RPG mode - start off with training. Learn how to use various items and techniques to excel on the track. After you have finished training and leveling up your drivers through the growth system, you will send your drivers off to the tracks to battle against the best of the best

In DT Carnage, drivers must be prepared to bring everything they've got onto the tracks as they find themselves racing for their reputation, honor, and ultimately, their lives. Relying on speed alone is no longer enough as explosives and weapons are used on a regular basis making violence the ultimate means to an end in the underground racing world. Still think you have what it takes to be a DT racer?