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Thread: "Open Remote Play" Beta Friday?!

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    General games "Open Remote Play" Beta Friday?!

    News via streetfighterFU

    Dashhacker just posted his newest progress he made over the weekend to keep the community up to date:

    "As far as an ETA goes... I'm aiming for the end of the week. Fingers crossed, you may have something to play with by Friday. Depending on how the builds go!

    - PSP homebrew application written to extract Remote Play keys.
    - Authentication reverse-engineered and implemented in API.
    - Audio and video stream decryption implemented in API.
    - Audio decoding (AAC using libfaad2) implemented in API.
    - Video decoding (H.264 ES libavcodec) implemented in API.
    - Event system implemented, keyboard support working.
    - Design simple GUI to manage and launch configuration profiles.

    - BETA release binary builds for Mac OSX, and Windows.
    - Add proper audio+video synchronization (added a quick hack for now).
    - Clean-up and document API.
    - Release source code."

    It seems more and more that we may get a real release and not just another of the lame fakes as common. Well, he aims the Beta version at friday so we will see soon. Windows and MacOS users will get a binary, Linux users will have to compile the source code themself. If it works like he claims, then we can use the PS3's remote play function (which is meaned to connect to PSP) with many devices as Iphone's or simple Windows/Mac/Linux computers soon.

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    i think friday has come

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