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Thread: UMD Movies Galore at Amazon

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    Default UMD Movies Galore at Amazon

    Ive never really took any notice of Amazon for PSP stuff but tonight i checked out their site and was stunned to find a fantastic amount of UMDs at both Amazon UK and Heres a quick count up

    Amazon UK

    Amazon UK have a listing of 517 UMD Movies on their site. (USA) have a listing of 474 Movies on their site.

    The biggest new release of the moment is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and thats available now at

    Now if only UMD Movies were region free ....

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    theres a program that lets you watch any umd movie no matter what region it has guy.

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    The prices there are higher than those at Fry's. :-/

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    Here's an idea for people...

    Buy the DVD, rip the dvd with DVD Encryptor, buy yourself a 2gb MS and use PSP Video9 or your preferred converter. Isn't this a better solution, because in the long term you will be saving yourself a lot of money + the memory stick tends to consume less battery life.

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    or better yet buy the dvd and have a big memory stick and if have firmware 1.5 use the pmp player mod and use pmp simple converter i think its at 0.8 now(very fast and good quality) and have full res as same with the umd and you be better off and like the guy above says less battery usage.

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    ohh and if cant find dvd decrypter find dvdfab decrypter which is also good cause dvd decrypter is hard to find these days

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