Weekly Special: Sony's PlayStation2 horror adventure Rule of Rose at US$ 20.90 only - offer valid for 1 week

From the publisher: England in the 1930s, a small town mesmerized by the rumors and fables spun by children, this is a world that is full of the occult, strange oozing with an uncomforting and chilling dark atmosphere. The player has to control a girl called Jennifer who was thrown into this world and work together with her only trustworthy friend, a stray dog, Brown, to find clues to escaping this world.

With England in the 1930s as the backdrop, and the addition of UFOs, monsters from myths, urban myths, and devilish children's fable elements, this world is like the gathering of all horrifying things Western. Not only the small items, even the trends, lifestyles and others of the time are thoroughly researched and truthfully replicated in the game.

The recording of the voice casting is not scrooged on either, with the employment of England's famous casting producer as the director, and many of the local first line actors and actresses in accent of England of the 1930s, they cover every voice recording from start till end of the game. The attractive character design and music production, and with the high quality CG produced by "Shirogumi" who also made "Onimusha 3", "Genji" and others, the displays of emotions and facial expressions, once regarded as things that CG cannot excel in, but now there is a fine visual experience felt naturally from the player's heart.

Sony's PlayStation2 horror adventure Rule of Rose is now available at US$ 20.90 only. This is the Chinese language version of the game, which however contains full English voices, combined with traditional Chinese subtitles.

As usually, this weekly special is valid for exactly 1 week (if not sold out earlier) and this time limited to a maximum purchase of 1 unit per customer. As a small restriction, please also notice that you cannot use any further discount coupons along with this special offer.