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    psp POPStation PSP 3.1

    News/release from SuperFury1

    I have ported the popstation.exe application for the pc to the psp.
    popstation is a pc application that converts a PSX ISO/BIN to a PSX EBOOT.
    The package can be found on my site. Within the package there's also a manual (manual.txt).
    To install, simply copy the folder in the package to you PSP GAME folder.

    Just go to the psp -> links and find the download. (POPStation PSP)

    All there's left is to test it in different firmwares. I know it works under cfw 5.00m33-4 (that's the one i used).
    If tested under a different firmware that isnt below, please post if it works in this topic.


    v2.0: Added a list of psx titles & IDs. It will now change the psx EBOOT save id, game title and game ID, according to what game you select (list is retrieved from psx.db. The psx.db file might be outdated, search Google etc. to find the most recent one).

    v3.0: Changed the software a bit so that the conversion should always be at maximum speed. Further i added the option to add multiple pictures of games at the same time. Also the software will automatically generate saved data for the conversion at the end of the iso writing part.

    OTHER TOOLS that have something in common with this application:

    PSX DataBase
    Editor v1.0: It let's you edit psx.db file (MS-DOS Application). To look up on the commands you just type help<(enter)>
    Due to limited stack space, it only can hold up to 1000 records. When loading a file with more than 1000 records, the information will be truncated to 1000 records.

    PSX DataBase Editor v1.1: Added a command that displays some extra information about the application and the version info (in this case 1.1).

    Tested firmwares:
    The files can still be found on my website, having the required files included.

    v3.1: Added a menu where you can choose your previous conversions from and continue them right away without having to enter the directory name. You can also choose to start a new conversion. Further i added some code to delete the PSX EBOOT game fully from your memory stick when it notices that your pictures combined are too large. It will also give you the ammount of space that's too large for the PSX EBOOT.

    Hope you like it!

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Nice little app I'll be trying this out

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    nice one thanks!

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