Source CVG

Take-Two publishing label 2K Games has nabbed the publishing rights to Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege RPG series. Accompanying this announcement from the company is news that an expansion for Dungeon Siege II on PC is in the pipeline, along with a Dungeon Siege title for PSP.
Dungeon Siege II's expansion carries the name Broken World and should be with us in the summer. According to the press blurb, the add-on picks up immediately after the events portrayed in the sequel, with a new campaign mode, a new playable race, more items and a brand new multi-class character development system promised.

Meanwhile, the PSP Dungeon Siege game has been whacked with the title Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony and is currently being whipped into shape by developer SuperVillain Studios. It's a Dungeon Siege project that's unique to the handheld platform with "all-new playable characters and a freshly designed, non-linear, single-player campaign as well as support for Ad Hoc co-operative and competitive multiplayer games."
Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony is due in the autumn.