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Thread: PSP Tree News (Repair and PSP Parts Store in the UK)

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    Default PSP Tree News (Repair and PSP Parts Store in the UK)

    PSP Tree sent me this email

    Announcing and addition to our PSP spare parts list. In addition to our repair service, we are proud to be able to supply the following PSP parts:

    PSP replacement buttons (transparent)
    PSP replacement buttons (white)
    PSP replacement buttons (pink)
    PSP replacement buttons (blue)
    PSP replacement buttons (red)
    PSP battery cover
    PSP coloured faceplates (20 colours)
    PSP laser lens assembly
    PSP replacement L and R buttons (black)
    PSP replacement L and R buttons (white)
    PSP Sound system component
    PSP button rubber set
    PSP Sony original replacement buttons
    PSP button bar with ribbon cable
    PSP power switch
    PSP analogue stick assembly unit
    PSP 3rd party replacement battery
    PSP Sony original replacement battery
    PSP power cable and socket
    PSP original remote headphone
    PSP main replacement circuit board
    PSP replacement memory stick rubber cover
    PSP replacement metal chassis
    PSP Sony original mains adaptor
    PSP Sony original black faceplate
    PSP replacement wifi aerial
    PSP replacement memory stick socket
    PSP replacement power button
    PSP power circuit board
    PSP ribbon cable for power circuit board
    PSP UMD drive replacement spring
    PSP replacement D-pad pcb for left buttons
    PSP replacement analogue stick thumb control

    Our repair services include:

    PSP screen replacement
    PSP faceplate replacement
    PSP UMD laser replacement
    PSP internal speaker replacement
    PSP internal power switch replacement
    PSP button set replacement
    PSP analogue stick assembly unit replacement
    PSP backlight replacement

    Find them all at PSP Tree

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    If I live in the US is it even worth buying/sending in my PSP to get it fixed? Or can someone point me in the right direction for finding a power switch.

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    Default Power switches here!

    You are able to purchase at PSPTREE here in the uk. As detailed above, we have most internal components in stock.


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    You might want to try they stock stacks of psp parts for all three versions, including screens etc for the new psp 3000 and delivery was super quick. :thumbup:

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