I was working on the next Nanodesktop 0.3.8...

But, as the new nd core has been totally rewritten, I've taken my decision:
the next version of Nanodesktop, finally, shall be the 0.4 VERSION.

The change of number reflects the incredible evolution of this SDK, that
adds the support for sprites, desktop objects, super-resolution, ImageMagick,
and, furthermore, the new HyperFont engine.

So, I've released a proof of concept of the new (next) graphical system.
You can download it here:


See the README.TXT files for usage instructions. Use double click to
select the objects and drag for move them...

I'd be very glad if one of the webmasters can do a news in home for
this advice.

Thank you for all that wants to download and to test it.
Filippo Battaglia