News from Lik Sang:

It's been half a decade since the last traditionally all-new Final Fantasy game was released on the PlayStation 2, and just as long since Square Enix officially announced FF XII was in development. Today however, the adventure you've been waiting for all that time begins, as the game arrived in stock. Pre-ordered copies have flown out our warehouse, and new orders will ship within just 24 hours.

We should point out though that the high retail tag of US$ 82.90 is the result of Square Enix actually setting the yen price to 8,990 yen (US$ 77) across Japan, just a little less than their astounding Dragon Quest VIII price last year. As with all games here though, Final Fantasy XII ships free right to your doorstep.

Consoles, Controllers and Other Collectibles

We also received a great deal of gear that will appeal to all Final Fantasy fans, regardless of whether you're importing today, or waiting for the English release later this year. First is the Premium Series of the Final Fantasy Potion selling for a limited time in Japan. A blue energy drink containing Royal Jelly and an assortment of 10 Herbs, this collaboration between Suntory and Square Enix comes in inspired 100ml bottles. There's six different styles of decorative tops to be found, and as you can see from the photos, these would make a beautiful addition to your Final Fantasy shrine, or for that matter, just a cool talk piece for your FF loving friends. In stock tomorrow morning, these also contain one of 27 FF XII collectors artwork cards.

The potions are certainly an 'acquired' taste, as with many Japanese Health Drinks. When hearing of these though, Tim Rogers hit the streets of Japan and published a video diary of everything from the purchase to the after effects. You can grab it all from The TV Commercial currently airing across Japan is quite funny too, and can be downloaded here:

Next, from Hori, we have the Limited Edition FF XII 8MB Memory Card. Along with a white colored card featuring the game's logo, you also receive a FF XII case which holds up to 2 memory cards, and on top of that 12 stickers showing the main characters. Logicool on the other hand celebrated this occasion with a Wireless FF XII Edition Controller. Again in pure white and emblazoned with the games logo, the radio frequency pad comes with a bonus LCD cleaner.

Finally for the most dedicated fans, we present to you the Limited Edition Final Fantasy XII PSTwo System. The black slimline model SCPH-75000 FF console is branded with the symbol of the Judge Master, and comes complete with AV cables, power lead, Dual Shock pad, vertical stand, a full copy of the game, plus a FF XII mobile phone strap. We have these pieces available now, but please remember they will only run Japanese games, and if you live in a 220V country, you'll need to toss in a US$ 20 Stepdown Converter.