News/release from sined95

Here at last!

Here the game thinking long-awaited chicky, which reveals that under the 2nd opus as announced here and there.

The big change is in the graphics when the great help of maxdéoxis. From the loading screen credits, all images are passed through the center of beauty. The theme is rather focused on the side windows vista and plays on the effects of light perfectly.
But I think the final images will be worth more than a thousand words!

So when the game starts, you are greeted by the main image of the game that shows us directly the theme of the game graphisque

Wait a little, you get the menu, too unrecognizable.

Here are the options available to you:
- SOLO PART: Start a party only to find the code that you will have AI.

TWO-PART A: Start a party where one chose the code and find the other.

-RULES: 3 pages to describe the rules of this game of logic.

-CREDITS: Find information on this game

-QUIT: The option to not choose, it is back to XMB.

I will now explain the different modes:

Solo part:
Choose the option "solo party". You will be asked the number of colors desired.

Get a little help and press: Cross. The game begins.

Hurry, there is a meter long!

Part 2:
Choose the 2nd option, "part 2".
The 1st player takes the psp and dials the code that the other will find.

May the best win!

That little ignore these rules? ^ ^

To navigate between the three pages, use: r: and: l:.


Press: cross: to return to the menu.

Back to the XMB

The game provides heated to the meninges of the players. Hang on!
However, note the absence of ADHOC mode chicky that had started but could not finish.
The other bad news is that the developer can not be released soon version 3, but another will begin Thursday I find it a great pity!

If you find bugs in the game, give him advice, help send a mail to t.gindre @
Feel free to send messages of encouragement to try to have a v.3 but this remains unlikely.
Version 1 was a coded begun in November 2008. It is therefore 6 months working on it.

Thank you.
Sined95, newseur encoder and the eDevZ

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