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    Thumbs up Ur-Quan Masters 0.6.2 - PSP Port Rev 02

    (News Submission and New Release for PSP by Sharkus)

    Updated to UQM 0.6.2 - R02

    New update that should load from uqm file MUCH FASTER!



    The Ur-Quan Masters 0.6.2
    (i.e. Star Control II)

    PSP Version by Sharkus

    Getting Started
    1. Copy UQM directories to /PSP/GAME/ directory of memory stick (don't forget to copy the subdirectories as well)
    2. Copy UQM 0.6.2 content ( to /PSP/GAME/UQM/content/packages/ directory (voice and music is optional)
    3. Start UQM from the Sony VSH or your favorite launcher.
    4. Kick some Ur-Quan ass

    I would like to give my thanks to the following list of most excellent people:
    - The Ur-Quan Masters Team (
    - PSPSDK team from
    - TyRaNiD (PSPLINK rocks)

    Build Instructions
    - Get your PSP environment up and running including PSPSDK, SDL, SDL_image, jpeg, libpng, zlib, libTremor ( -- I'm currently using svn rev 1841
    - Get UQM 0.6.2 sourcecode
    - Apply patch supplied with release
    - Run 'make'


    UQM 0.6.2 - Rev 002 (Alpha) - 20081031
    Increased stack size to prevent stack overflows and crashes (especially when starting Melee mode). Spent a lot of time improving load times when using compressed uqm files. It should be at least 2-3 times faster now. Unless there are some critical bugs this will probably my last rev for a while.

    UQM 0.6.2 - Rev 001 (Alpha) - 20081026
    I got bored on a long flight to Japan, so I thought I would take a crack at porting the latest and greatest.
    It seems to work at least as well as the old version, so I thought some folks might like to run this on their
    slim and/or newer firmware (I've tested it briefly on the 5.0M33 firmware). Have fun!

    Rev 003 (Alpha) - 20060518
    1.5 compatible EBOOT.PBP icon and sound supplied by Tieske.
    The game will run a long time before crashing.
    Fixed stack overflow and use latest libc for thread safe malloc/free.
    Planet rotation is rendered on the fly (slower but saves ~8 mbytes of memory). Every time a planet is visited free memory is stored to memory.txt file. The UQM source does not currently free resources after they are used so eventually it may run out of memory and crash (although I have not seen that in the 1+ hours I tested).

    Rev 002 (Alpha) - 20060320
    Fixed SOME of the stability issues. Melee should work now. There are still some random crashes due to running out of memory. I suggest to save often until I get them fixed... Most of the time you should be able to make it past your buddy at pluto. I also modified the default keys.cfg file to use the O button for the thrust function and the l/r triggers for weapons. IMHO, this makes the game much easier to control. You are welcome to customize the keys.cfg file to your liking.

    Rev 001 (Alpha) - 20060318
    This is a very rough port at this point. I only have a v1.5 PSP so I have no idea if it will work with the 2.x firmware. This is my first attempt at PSP development so I'm sure there are lots and lots of problems. I've played through the first couple minutes with the standard game and voice packages. Load times are horrible (that will be my next task). I would also like to understand if the temp directory is being written to and move that into RAM (to extend memory stick life). I have not tested any addons so your milage may vary.

    Download via Comments and Give Feedback
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