News/release from browncoat


I wrote an unpacker/packer program for eboot-files in Python, because the available programs don't run on my Linux system.
This is the first release which only supports unpacking and packing eboot-files, coming releases will also support editing of param.sfo files and unpacking/packing of PSX data.psar-files, so you will be able to edit the metadata of homebrew/psx games and extract and change the iso and bootimage of converted PSX games.

To run it you need Python (version 2.5 or 2.6; 3.x is not backwards compatible) installed and in your path, for more details on how to run it, read readme.txt.
It is a command-line-only, program but I included batch files for Windows that simplify the usage (but you still have to open a "DOS window" and run the programs from the command line), I hope users of other OSes will be familiar with the command line interface.

If you have questions or bug reports, please feel free to reply in this thread.

Btw, I plan on adding a (text-based) user interface (and maybe later even a GUI), so if you really can't be bothered to run a program on the command line, have a little patience.

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