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Thread: DayPR Rev.4++

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    psp DayPR Rev.4++

    News/release from lilmnm

    lilmnm-kamikaze- here with my mod of nitePR after Constant nagging and complaining from my girlfriend and friends to release this, Well here it is DayPR Rev.4++!!!

    Some info on DayPR:
    Added a different Background color.
    fixed up the code that did the searching so it runs a bit faster (still takes a while though.)
    Added a feature to Delete your old ram dumps.
    Added a feature to delete your old search.dat and search.ram after i noticed it froze when you try to do a new unknown search.
    Added Corrupt PSID.
    DayPR now tells you the game ID that you are currently playing.

    Please if there is any bugs please contact me with the info that is provided in the read me.

    Also please follow the read me exactly there is some extra files that need to be copied over to your Memory Stick.

    And btw.... have fun (THAT'S AN ORDER MAGGOT!!!)

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    haha thanx for posting it here

    wow this got around fast

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