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Thread: Virtools Previews New PSP Development Solution at GDC

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    Default Virtools Previews New PSP Development Solution at GDC

    Source - VFX World

    Virtools, a Dassault Systèmes company, announced it will preview its upcoming framework for PSP development at GDC 2006, held March 20-24, 2006.

    Virtools Dev is the prototyping software leader with an unparalleled and intuitive graphical scripting system and a library of more than 450 ready-to-use behavior building blocks that can be directly attributed to objects, characters, camera, game logic and any other prototype components.

    For full game production, the Virtools Dev framework brings together a GUI with graphical and text scripting and debug tools, APIs such as the Dev behavior and render engines, as well as asset integration plug-ins.

    “Virtools is very excited to be attending this year's Game Developers Conference. The interactive entertainment market has been a priority for us since 1999 and continues to be, now as a part of international software leader Dassault Systemes. GDC 2006 will be the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our latest development and give attendees a sneak preview of things to come for Virtools and the PSP,” commented Bertrand Duplat, Virtools cto.

    At GDC, Virtools will be located at booth #1138.

    Virtools launched its commercial activities in 1993 with consulting and services targeting interactive realtime 3D. With vital industry needs in mind, Virtools built the company's initial software solution, Virtools Dev. Since Q4 1999, Virtools is the leading provider of comprehensive software development solutions for building innovative, highly interactive 3D content. In June 2005, Virtools became a fully-owned subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, a leader in the 3D software market. For more information, visit

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    sounds interesting...actually there is a psp official devkit isn't it?? what is it used for??? i mean u can directly program apps and games etc... and port it directly it to your psp??(without eloader??))(may sounds noob but i am pretty newbie sorry) lol

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    Yeah, there is an official devkit. This doesn't really look like a replacement for it though. I might be wrong, but it looks like it's just a tool (or a collection of tools) to streamline development. You know, help you to import models and make sure that they work with the PSP, help you quickly make shaders and lighting effects, etc...

    By the way, I saw this over on <a href="">PSP Hacks</a>:

    <div style="width: 95%; margin:auto; background-color:rgb(220,220,220); padding:2%">A less-publicized announcement from the PlayStation Business Conference yesterday had to do with the price that developers pay to acquire PlayStation Portable development kits.
    Prior to yesterday, each development unit cost a developer 750,000 yen (roughly $6,400) to purchase. Now, they'll cost 500,000 yen, or approximately $4,200.

    Sony hopes that the decrease in cost will lure smaller developers to produce games for the PSP, and entice developers that are still on the fence to take the plunge.

    To date, Sony has shipped 5,412 development kits for the system.

    Time for us here at to start saving up for one </div>
    Call me crazy, but that actually sounds affordable. Most high end 3D packages ALONE cost more than that.

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