The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone may for the time being remain a speculative possibility, but the chances just got a whole load better with the news that Sony Ericsson is to drop both its Walkman and Cybershot brands in favour of a unified entertainment offering.
The Swedish manufacturer had previously segregated its handsets into a number of camps, the leading two of which were the ‘C’ and ‘K’ Cybershot photography-related devices and its ‘W’ Walkman-branded MP3 mobiles.
Whilst other categories such as its lifestyle ‘T’ series and high-tech ‘X’ range have focused on various segments, gaming has yet to win its own branding, with most leading games handsets (such as the W705) being amalgamated under the Walkman banner.

However, Marketing reports that the continually converging handset market has forced the company to unify its various technologies under a single branding. Head of global marketing business management Andre Jacquet has used the term ‘Entertainment Unlimited’. However, this sounds very much like a marketing term and not a product brand.
Sony Ericsson president Hideki Komiyama said earlier this month that a PlayStation phone “could still happen”. Is this latest move taking us a step closer to that reality?