Quazal, makers of the Net-Z and Rendez-Vous online multiplayer middleware technologies, and the newly announced Spark! lobby technology, is pleased to announce today that they have been approved for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI)'s Tools and Middleware program for PLAYSTATION®3" computer entertainment system, and that versions are ready for evaluation by interested "PLAYSTATION®3" game title developers.

With this approval, Quazal will develop and market networking middleware technologies for the powerful computer entertainment system, much to the delight of dozens of developers and publishers who have been anxious to work with Quazal's Net-Z in-game and Rendez-Vous lobby and matchmaking technologies for "PLAYSTATION®3".

"The next generation of game consoles brings a lot of power to developers, but many of the problems inherent in online gaming remain," said Martin Lavoie, CTO of Quazal. "With true cross-title support, and support for multiple "PlayStation®" platforms developers can save time and money on their online games, while delivering cutting edge features to their end users."

By incorporating Quazal's technology into their game titles, developers and publishers will open the door to low-risk lobby and matchmaking development with Quazal Spark!, as well as the innovative features of Quazal Net-Z and Rendez-Vous. Because of the cross-platform nature of Quazal's technologies, these ideas will be far easier to implement than ever before.

"A developer making a game during this transition period may want to target not only next-generation platforms like "PLAYSTATION®3", but also current generation platforms such as "PlayStation® 2" and "PSPTM" (PlayStation®Portable)," stated Mike Drummelsmith, Developer Relations Manager at Quazal. "With Quazal's technologies, including the new Spark! platform, online games can target all three of these platforms with minimal effort, lowering risk drastically."

Interested parties can contact Quazal at sales@quazal.com for more information and pricing, as well as an evaluation kit for Quazal Net-Z, Quazal Rendez-Vous or Quazal Spark!.

Quazal will be occupying booth #644 at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, March 22nd to 24th. Any interested parties are encouraged to contact info@quazal.com in order to arrange a meeting, or to simply stop by the booth to learn more about our technologies.