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Thread: Aliens vs. Predator detailed

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    General games Aliens vs. Predator detailed

    Play as either an Alien, Predator or Marine in Rebellion-developed FPS
    Sega has announced gameplay details for its highly anticipated Aliens vs. Predator game, which is scheduled for release in early 2010.
    The game lets players take control of either an Alien, Predator or Marine, with distinct campaigns that interweave with each other. Gamers can then take any of the races and battle it out in the game’s multiplayer.
    “The original Aliens vs. Predator game was a landmark title for Rebellion, and we are both proud and excited to be revisiting the license with SEGA and Fox,” explained Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.
    “Our new technology will enable us to produce a truly terrifying and visceral experience.”
    Senior VP of New Media for Fox Licensing, Gary Rosenfeld added: “Aliens Vs. Predator is a powerful franchise for Fox and provides endless possibilities in the interactive space. Sega and Rebellion have created an excellent gaming experience that will help this legacy live on.”

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    The AvP game Rebellion did for the PC was not without its flaws (AI, for example) but still... it was a lot of fun, and playing as a Marine was creepy. One of the few games I've completely finished. It could be great on modern hardware.

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