Every Dragon Ball game gets an international release these days. The recently announced Dragon Ball: Raging Blast wonít be an exception to the rule.

Namco Bandaiís 2009 fiscal report lists a new Dragon Ball Z game slated to come out in Japan and Europe in the second half of the year. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has DBZ characters and itís a PS3 / Xbox 360 game. Sounds like a good match!

What about North America, you say? Count on Dragon Ball: Raging Blast coming here too. If a European release is slated you can this game is being localized. However, Namco Bandai wonít be involved with the domestic release. Atari still holds the rights to publishing Dragon Ball games in North America. Namco Bandai Games Europe purchased Atari Europe earlier this year which makes Namco Bandai the publisher of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast in PAL territories.