News from Lik Sang

The Katamari series is brilliantly unique Japanese insanity at its best, and this week came the US version! Sadly though, this may be the last entry into the series as last week Namco took down the official site and announced that Keita Takahashi and the team had moved onto other things. The concept behind the game is that playing as the Prince under The King of All Cosmos, you run around pushing a giant ball made of houses, cars, cows, people and generally anything else you roll this round monstrosity into. Eventually it becomes so huge it's sent into space to replace a star, and the people of the games world, well those that aren't rolled up in it we assume, love it.

Improving on the PS2 originals, along with an all new storyline, this PSP release features dynamic levels that change based on the time and season. Ever changing paths also ensure the game is different each time you play, and there's four player multi-player battles. Lastly there's a bonus side scrolling 2D mini game included, which can be seen here. Due to arrive today, Me & My Katamari will show you exactly what players of the PS2 titles go head over heels for, and it's the type of game you'll be dying to show your mates... so get the ball rolling by placing your order now! [Singing] Paaaaah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, paaah, Katamari Damaccyyyyyy... [end of chorus]