Independent publisher Playlogic Entertainment has announced that it will begin publishing games for the Nintendo DS and Wii consoles in North America.

According to a press release, the publisher has been granted an official publishing license by Nintendo of America, and is set to begin releasing its current line-up of Wii and DS software in the region.

"Becoming an official Nintendo publisher for North America is very integral to our growth strategy for 2009," said Playlogic executive VP Rogier Smit. "We have a really strong line-up of titles for the DS, Nintendo DSi and Wii platforms and are confident that our games will be very competitive in the Canadian and US marketplace."

Playlogic, based in the Netherlands, has released titles such as Pool Hall Pro, Vertigo and Sudoku Ball - Detective in Europe. According to the company, these titles - along with the upcoming 20th Century Fox film tie-in Aliens in the Attic - will be announced for North American release in the coming weeks.

"As we continue to build our company into a AAA global publisher it's important to be on all gaming platforms in order to increase our growth potential and solidify our business model for years to come," said Smit.