After opening up naming duties to fans, the next PixelJunk game (formerly PixelJunk 1-4) has officially been named PixelJunk Shooter. According to the PlayStation Blog announcement, 10,000 suggestions were submitted for the contest, which was ultimately won by Canadian Mario Paquet. For (somehow) dreaming up the name, Paquet will be included in the game's credits and receive a t-shirt with the game's logo.

After selecting the official name, runner-up winners were selected by the scientific method of placing various names into a hat. Runner-up winners (and future t-shirt recipients) included PixelJunk Depths, S.O.S!, Blaster, Caves and Atlantis.

According to Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert, one of the most popular suggestions for the game was PixelJunk Elements, but the name failed to capture the "shooting side of the game well enough." We don't think the name they ultimately selected will pose the same issue.