Surely another major blow for Sony now that PSP Hackers/Homebrewers have now released CFWEnabler 1.0 for ChickHEN, heres the release details:

CustomFirmware Enabler 1.0 to 5.03 ChickHen by Xenogears and Becus25.

What is?
A program that activates the functions of the M33 custom firmware using ChickHen.

What do I need?
A PSP Slim (Slim only works with, regardless of the plate you have)
Firmware version 5.03.
ChickHen R2 (minimum)

The functions are the same with the 5.00 M33, all work except:
Recovery (Se cree may be anticipated that an alternative power to set the homebrew CFW)
Pops (PSX Games)


Copy the folder to your psp CFWEnabler in X: / PSP / GAME /

To be like this: X: / PSP / GAME / CFWEnabler / EBOOT.PBP

How to use:

Starts ChickHen from the picture section. Then start the homebrew called for CFW Loader ChickHEN. The first time you need CFW to install modules into the flash memory with the option Circle (Do not override, simply add modules, it is a safe process.) Then press X to start the CFW. You are in a CFW!


Can load isos? - Yes, yes you can.
Do you like my PSP Slim is ****ing plate? - Yes, it does not matter.
Does my PSP3000? - No, not working, at least.
Can you break my console? - It is true that he writes some files in internal memory, but does not overwrite anything, so this is not problematic.
When you turn off the console I have to repeat the procedure? Yes, you have to repeat it, but do not have Flash modules each time.
And you can not prevent either procedure? Could be avoided if we could do an IPL compatible, so you need information PreIPL.
Is expected to be in the future rectify the current problems? It is possible, but is not guaranteed anything.
Is expected that a future compatible with PSP3000? - You might try, but is not guaranteed anything.
Does the M33 SDK? - Yes, it works.


A Dark_AleX for the M33 modules.
Especially him, who knows who he is, and that is part of the credit for helping him.

Un Saludo.

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