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Thread: Bleemcast hacking?

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    Default Bleemcast hacking?

    I'm sure some of these ideas have been thought of before, but googling has found me no answers, so I was curious what has been tried so far.

    Here's a few ideas I thought of:

    1) Making a correct rip of one of the 3 retail bleemcast discs. Nobody has achieved this yet, but I was wondering if anyone's tried building their own Serial -> SD Card adapter and ripping the disc. It could yield different results, possibly.

    2) Spoofing PSX games. Will the official [3] bleemcast discs only boot retail PSX games? If they can run a burned copy of whatever game they're tailored for, then perhaps it's possible to rip our own PSX games, and spoof certain data to make it show up as another game (provided that the games are essentially whitelisted).

    I can't seem to find any bleemcast discs to play with, nor do I have a serial->SD adapter (yet), but I'm interested in one for this purpose.

    I also had an idea (that I'm sure someone else has tried, but again, can't find results) regarding the bleemcast beta, but I'm not sure if discussion of it is allowed here (to further clarify, the question does not involve anything about "how to get it").

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    Discussion of commercial product hacking (bleemcast or its betas fit in this category) is not allowed on these forums. Please consult the rules.

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