Sony has officially announced the PSP Go during its E3 conference and said it will cost EUR 249 / USD 249 when it comes out in Europe and North America on 1st October.

It will then follow in Japan on 1st November for 26,800 yen.

"We actually have a couple of names for this beautiful little device. First we call it The Worst-Kept Secret of E3. And we call it the PSP Go," said Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai, before going on to confirm the details leaked this weekend.

It's a slidey-screen affair, 50 per cent smaller than the original PSP, and has 16GB of internal flash memory, Bluetooth support and a Memory Stick micro media (M2) port for future expansion. Otherwise it uses the same operating system and Wi-Fi features you're used to from the PSP-3000.

Hirai went on to add that all PSP titles from now on would be distributed digitally as well as on UMD, reiterating that the PSP-3000 would not be abandoned when the new handheld - which looked very small and portable in his hand - launches in a few months' time.

He also announced that Media Go would replace the Media Manager PC software soon, allowing you to manage content across PC and PSP more easily, while something called Sense Me (out this autumn) will create music playlists based on mood and occasion from your existing digital music collection.

Finally, the video store announced for PS3 last year is also joining the PSP feature-set, and there are new deals there for Showtime, G4, E, HD Nett, Magnoila films, Manga and more - although presumably this is US-only for now.

Oh, and if you've forgotten what the PSP Go looks like, check out our high-resolution PSP Go photo gallery from the weekend. SCEA boss Jack Tretton had joked that Sony sees itself as a market leader, and wasn't about to be outdone by E3 leaks. Respect.