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Thread: SONY: More PSP titles for youngsters and 'tweens

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    psp SONY: More PSP titles for youngsters and 'tweens

    Sony has pledged a commitment to creating more casual games for the PSP.
    Speaking at the opening Sony press conference at E3 2009 today, SCEA's Jack Tretton said: "We are working to increase our offering to younger gamers and 'tweens, and we're currently working with Disney on a Hannah Montana bundle with a lilac PSP."
    The announcement, which was followed by detail about the new PSP Go handheld, was greeted by whoops and cheers, and was part of a dialogue that promises Soiny is committed to maximising the potential of the platform.

    The PSP Go has no UMD slot, and will focus on downloadable content. The device will also be supported by a range of TV, film and sports video contentservices.
    "The PSP Go will not replace the PSP 3000 and UMD, and we will continue to support both," said Tretton.

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    Kind of ironic, after they kept calling the DS a "kid's" system, don't you think?

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