News/release from warlock

Meh... fixed a few bugs here and there... its in the changelog...

If you dont know what it is...

Don't you hate when you are playing a game and about to beat the level and your psp power is low and you have to run to go get the charger? Well that is no more because with the Psp Power Saver you can now play for longer periods time.Just enable the prx and viola. This is just a beta release so you probably wont notice the power increase because its only about a 10% increase. In later revisions i will attempt to amp it up to about 50 or 100%. So enjoy... I am not responsible for your psp blowing up when you use this This project is closed source for now, i wont release the source until i abandon the project or until i cant do anything else with it...

How it works:
This turns off the umd driver when you are not using it (iso/cso, Homebrew,internet,music ect.) In turn this will save you about 5% of power. Also turns off the drivers that load up the rss channel, location free player,gocam, and the internet radio. (You can still use these they just are off when you are not)


Put the PspPowerSaver.prx in your seplugins folder And add
ms0:/seplugins/PspPowerSaver.prx to your game.txt


-Fixed a few bugs, having to do with the powersaver battling for ram against prxs like cxmb and nitepr causing random shutoffs
-Psppacked it now it runs smoother

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