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Thread: Harvest Moon: Sugartown Stealth Announced For PSP

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    psp Harvest Moon: Sugartown Stealth Announced For PSP

    Natsume plans on releasing five Harvest Moon games this year including Harvest Moon: Sugartown which was shown in their E3 booklet with a Q4 2009 release window.

    Marvelous released this game in Japan this past March. Usually, Harvest Moon titles take more than nine months to crossover.

    In Harvest Moon: Sugartown players grow crops, care for cows, and take part time jobs to save the village from a corporation trying to replace their home with an amusement park. Harvest Moon: Sugartown has multiple endings, but I doubt one of them will have the corporation taking over and cows running the roller coaster ride.

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    looks and sounds like the PS2 version harvest moon
    graphics from the screenshot look the same
    and the story sounds...almost identical

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