Myelin Media LLC, a publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced that their Texas Hold 'Em game, STACKEDTM with Daniel Negreanu will feature interoperability between the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and PSP system versions of the game.

Interoperability between the PlayStation 2 and PSP system versions of STACKED will allow players to sync their single player game, maintaining their progress on both platforms whether they choose to play at home or on the road. Utilizing breakthrough new technology, players will also be able to compete online against opponents on either platform, enhancing the overall level of competition while expanding upon the game's online community.

STACKED combines an exclusive learning artificial intelligence system with the experience of seven of the world's top poker players to create the most authentic and in-depth poker video game ever. Players can choose to compete against the Poki AI system in the game's challenging single player mode, learning new strategies from Player of the Year Daniel Negreanu as they proceed, or go online to go head to head with the best players in the world in massive sanctioned multi table tournaments.

"STACKED continues to push the boundaries of video game technology with interoperability between the PlayStation 2 and PSP system versions of the game," said Ken Woo, producer at Myelin Media. "In addition to the revolutionary learning artificial intelligence system, players will be able to compete online with other gamers on the PlayStation 2 or the PSP system for the first time ever, setting a new standard for online competition."

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