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Thread: The NEO MK III Myth cart coming soon! - Sega Master System Flashcart

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    sat The NEO MK III Myth cart coming soon! - Sega Master System Flashcart

    Neoflash have posted news of their upcoming Sega Master System flashcart, like the Snes and N64 flashcarts mentioned this will be MASSIVE to those who like me want to play games on the real hardware

    heres the details

    the NEO MK III Myth cart SPEC:
    more info:,5637.0.html

    * support the rom up to 16M

    * support the Multi games

    * support all save type

    * download games from USB to NEO2 cart via Slim Loader IV

    * upload/overwrite game save to PC via USB via Slim Loader IV

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