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Thread: Unofficial CXMB for 5.03 M33/GEN v2

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    psp Unofficial CXMB for 5.03 M33/GEN v2

    News/release from Total_Noob

    The unofficial CXMB for 5.03 M33/GEN uses 5.02 CTF themes.
    So you can load themes on PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3 without a brick risk.

    [Changelog]- You can disable the theme:
    1. Go to Settings->Theme settings->Theme
    2. Apply the original(Sony) theme
    3. Delete the Custom Theme®
    4. It reboot to the Sony theme

    - Fixed the wallpaper bug
    - Supported all FWs of CXMB 3.3 by Poison and 5.02
    - In the zip is also a CTF_converter.exe to convert 5.00 CTF themes for this unofficial cxmb

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    how do i use this? I have 5.03 GEN and want a FULL tutorial so I don't brick? (I also don't know how to install custom firm ware themas at all) (I do know how to install official firm ware theams.)
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    put da plugin in seplugins goto 5.03 gen-a recovery menu den cpu speed den enable both of theme den enjoy place any converted ctf theme in theme folder den apply

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    Does anyone know if a custom wave.rco can be read from the mem stick as a Wallpaper/Plugin?

    I have patched 5.00 CTF files with waves but I don't want to use them on my 3K. I'm worried about replacing the RCO on flash0.

    MY PSP 3001: ChickHEN v2, 5.03 GEN-A (FULL), and Unofficial CXMB for 5.03 M33/GEN v2.

    PC: CTF Manager v5, and CTF Unpacker 1.5.

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    Wonderful updates wraggster!!!! I must admit I come to this forum just so i can read the latest in psp homebrew!! Greatly appreciate the updates!!!

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