Capcoms super secret E3 game was Resident Evil Portable, which was shown for a split second during Sonys press conference. Other than hearing it exists we dont know much about it.

Chris Kramer posted a little more about Resident Evil Portable in a blog where he explains this is not a remake and its being made with the PSP Go in mind. The title is still early in development and Kramer teases, all I am allowed to say is: Wow. Totally different for a Resident Evil game.

This is total speculation on my part, but I imagine Monster Hunter Portable must have affected the design of Resident Evil Portable in someway. The game was a mega hit for Capcom in Japan and spawned tons of other ad-hoc social games like Sengoku Basara Heroes. Perhaps, Resident Evil Portable is going to be less like Resident Evil and a networked game like Resident Evil Outbreak.