"I'd love to live in a world with fewer leaks and more meat," said SCEA's head of hardware marketing, John Koller, to Ars Technica on the circulating murmurs of a PS3 slim model. Koller admits Sony has had "a certain amount of frustration" with rumors that a slim-lined PS3 will hit retailers in the fall and he thinks it's more important to focus on the certainty of the present than the possibilities of the future.

Koller calls it a matter of what "may or may not happen," which is interesting, since he's not flat out denying it nor is he outright laying down the "does not comment on rumor/speculations" angle. Could it be that the slim model is real, though now with the beans spilled, Sony will postpone its release plans? Surmountable evidence suggests that it is, and even Koller's wording in the interview (read: use of "leak," not "rumor") fuels this thought.