Ok, so I bought a pro-action replay for those games that think leveling up for three years is a fun idea. I see all it has to offer...data compressing for save files, a media player for divx and mp3, a region-buster for DVDs, and a genesis emulator. That's right, and honest-to-God emulator.

So I look around and see for some reason the company doesn't have forums anymore, but they do say that people should see if anyone else wants to makes their own programs they should go for it.

So I look around the internet for SNES emulators for PS2 that work like the PGEN attached to pro-action replay. What do I find?


-----No, buy it from us-----

-----Hey, you do know how to use a soldering iron and pliers right,no? Let us install a mod chip for you!!!!----

----You don't need a mod chip...just crack open your PS2, and do a knife swap, which you will screw up and then have to buy a new PS2 and modchip-----

Now, with all this, I just gave up. I don't want to have to crack open a PS2 to do what can be done with a simple loading of a program. Is anyone working on themselves, or now working with Datel to make an SNES emulator for PS2? Or even mame/tg-16/NES?

I can deal with only being able to play genesis games, but I'm sick of people telling me I have to buy things that I don't want, or do things that are too much of a risk to do something that is so easily done on pro action replay.