DCEmu Member and Coder Hardhat has released a new version of his Battle arena game here on DCEmu, heres his news:

Some people have reported that cheat mode becomes enabled by hitting TRIANGLE, so I've made a version which repairs your character if that happens to you.

Here is the new version, with the cheat repair available. If you hit the START button with a character with a cheat enabled during an attack, then that character will be repaired. Sorry for the inconvenience. The triangle cheat mode is only enabled if there is a file called "cheats" in the EBOOT directory, so that should prevent accidental enabling.

Version 0.52:
- made cheat repair for accidental cheat mode activation with the START button.
- made the cheat mode only work if you specifically add a "cheats" file.

Download at the release thread here --> http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/sho...=216414&page=2