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Thread: Hori's Tekken 6 Xbox 360 / PS3 joystick ain't a bad way to burn $150

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    General games Hori's Tekken 6 Xbox 360 / PS3 joystick ain't a bad way to burn $150

    Got a knack for fighting titles? Have a particular fondness for Tekken? If so, you definitely shouldn't be playing with a stock controller, and that's exactly why Hori has crafted the beauty you're inevitably peering at above. The stick, which will ship as part of a Tekken 6 Wireless Fight Stick Bundle bundle, will be made available soon for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (shown after the break), and according to our pals over at Joystiq, it'll be on sale at a variety of respected retailers for $150. Said MSRP also includes a collectible art book and a pinch of pride, which totally justifies the somewhat steep asking price. Right? Right.

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    wireless ??? !!

    at last ! sounds good to me.

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