Theres been a patch released for the Gamecube emulator Dolwin, heres the games improved in this patch:[br][br] The following games go further with the patches included in this pack.[br][br] 1080 Avalanche (USA) - GTEEE6[br] Alien Hominid (USA) - GAHEA2[br] BeyBlade: V-Force (USA) - GBTE95[br] Custom Robo (USA) - GXCEA5[br] Disney no Magical Park (JPN) - GMTJ25[br] Harvest Moon (USA) - GYWE8D[br] Intellivision Lives! (USA) - GIVEA6[br] Mario Kart Double Dash (EUR) - GM4P76[br] Mario Kart Double Dash (USA) - GM4E62[br] Need For Speed Underground (USA) - GNDE61[br] Nintendo Puzzle Collection (JPN) - GPZJ56[br] Pac-Man Vs. (USA) - PRJEFA[br] Paper Mario 2 (JPN) - G8MJ68[br] Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire (USA) - GPXE57[br] Pokemon Colloseum (USA) - GC6EE9[br] Resident Evil 1: Rebirth (USA) - GBIE20[br] Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (USA) - GLEEE4[br] Serious Sam: Next Encounter (USA) - G3BE34[br] Smashing Drive (USA) - GSDE92[br] Soul Calibur 2 (EUR) - GRSP17[br] Super Mario Sunshine (EUR) - GMSP64[br] Wario Ware Inc. Mega Party Games (USA) - GZWE85[br] Wario World (USA) - GWWEB7[br] WWE: Wrestlemania X8 (EUR) - GW3PAB[br] Zelda: Collector's Edition (USA) - PZLED4[br] Zelda: The Wind Waker (USA) - GZLEC8 [br][br]Download the patch for Dolwin Here