What better way to follow up the release of a new commercial game for the Dreamcast than a new homebrew game from our buddys over at Dreamcast ES:

Heres the translated news:

Be watching as usual every Sunday, now plays a new port ... this time xD card (I know, maybe a little repetitive, and there is more variety).

Klondike (or Solitaire) is the most popular and played game in history, and is now available for Dreamcast.

This version made in SDL and C + + is based on an old version of CardMonkey (http://ospdev.net/projects/cardmonkey), a framework in C + + and LUA to create your own card games. As a practical example of use, this game was.

To make things easier, the letters move from 1 to 1 but can be changed easily in the video.

Author: Roberto Rico Zuņiga
License: GNU GPL
Year: 9/12/03

- Adapted to 640x480.
- Fixed inputs to work with the Dreamcast pad.

Is controlled by the mouse or pad:
B: lame letters
A: Performs automatic movements (move aces to top)
L: Exit
Controls DEBUG
X: Clean Screen
Y: animation cards Muetra falling.

The download includes the binary and source code unscrambled. To thank Ron for providing the initial port.

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