News/release from Strata8

I've worked for a few hours today, trying to let the user add levels directly from FAT, and I've finally done it! It's pretty much self-explanatory when you look through the folders, but I'll give a quick explaination.

When you convert a background with PAGfx, you get some .bin files as well. This is what we'll need, though, first, let's look at how a level folder is laid out:

Level folder structure
-> StageBG
-> CollisionMap
-> BackBG
-> MidBG
- config.iniStageBG: required.
CollisionMap: required:
BackBG: Optional, this goes at the very back of the level, so it should represent something in the distance
MidBG: About halfway between the stage and the back background. Can be used for clouds or something.

config.ini: This is the heart of the entire level, here, you specify the width, height, any modifiers, and you also place the objects/enemies in the stage. It should look a bit like this:

;Level configuration file

width = 1424
height = 256
gravity = 1200 ;The gravity (max velocity) of the objects. Default is 1000.
music = jumper.mp3 ;Music, located in .../music/

;Width and height only apply to StageBG and CollisionMap

midscroll = -128 ;Scrolling of the middle background... eg, clouds moving
backscroll = 0 ;Scrolling of the back background

;Object classes:
; 1 = Player
; 2 = Generic ground enemy

x = 100
y = -64
class = 1

x = 164
y = -64
class = 2
flip = -1 ;The direction that the AI moves in (-1 or 1)


;You can have as many objects as you need....
Like I said before, when converting the backgrounds with PAGfx, you get some .bin files, named *_Tiles.bin and such. To use the backgrounds in your level, place the files in their respective folders, then rename them all to tiles.bin, info.bin, etc.

I'll document this much better later, but I'm tired and hungry

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