Ashes Cricket 2009 will be the first cricket game on Wii when it bowls into shops in August, and we've got some new screens.

Fully licensed players, kit and stadia will feature, along with four-player gameplay and modes including an Ashes Series, Test Matches and games limited to 20 overs, whatever that means (Ed - you what?*).

As you'd imagine you bat using a swinging motion with the Wii Remote, which'll let you drive, cut, slog and nurdle your way through innings, apparently.

"When fielding, players will use the Wii Remote to polish the ball, set their field and bowl accurately applying swing/turn to their deliveries in order to take those all important wickets," explains the press release, because we've given up trying to form sentences with all these cricket terms(*).

"Ashes Cricket 2009 will also feature a Scenario mode that will pit players against more than 50 match defining moments, such as scoring vital match-winning runs, taking dramatic last-gasp wickets and seeing off the oppositions' danger men to succeed."

So, a game about the sport fat men can be pro at is coming to Wii in August.