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Thread: Dolphin R3661 Relased!! - Gamecube and Wii Emulator for WIndows

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    Rev Dolphin R3661 Relased!! - Gamecube and Wii Emulator for WIndows

    This is a massive release Super Mario Galaxy is now playable in this build and that should mean many other Wii Games are too, this makes this emulator great for Both for Gamecube and Wii Games, firstly heres a video:

    First this newspost

    Dev's have been hard at work and doing some amazing fixes. First off is DSP work. Super Mario Galaxy now has sound support and is working for the most part. It's just missing some volume controls and left/right controls on the sound. Second are the graphical fixes. Fear not, it will no longer make you want to stab your eyes out. I have taken a few pictures and will link you to the forum post to see them. Currently, there is a bug in Duel Core causing a hang but its already being looked at.

    Edit 1: Good news, the Duel Core bug has been corrected. we can now enjoy ZWW and SMG in its full speed goodness! bins comming soon.

    Then this newspost:

    This has to be one of the best releases we have done in a long time! With Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda Wind Waker both having functing sound. Also, Super Mario Galaxy having its Graphical issues fixed and is now completelly playable! Download and post some screen shots on the Super Mario Galaxy thread in the previous news post! Check the svn changes for more details on whats been changed/fixed in the source code.

    Edit 1: Also forgot to say Mario Kart DD is fully working as well with sound.
    Edit 2: We are aware real wiimotes are not working currently and its being looked at now.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Much better sound in Windwaker and Twilight Princess (GC) now.

    A lot of the sound issues have been fixed, and audio sounds a lot cleaner but not perfect yet.

    The intro music is working in Windwaker, ingame music in addition to sound effects are working in Windwaker and Twilight princess near perfectly with a few minor issues.

    Ingame music in Mario Galaxy cuts of after a few minutes of playing, looping is not implemented for this game yet.

    It seems that once audio was implemented for these games, most if not nearly all crashing issues went away as well.

    Still no audio in the Wii version of Twilight Princess, there is still some minor audio problems with other games. There is also no audio in Mario Sunshine yet.

    Luigi's Mansion now has sound, more audio effects in Mario Kart: Double Dash, Cleaner more accurate "denied" sound in Windwaker..

    I'm using revision 3812, compilation of JITIL builds is broken at the moment.

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    thx for emu ^_^

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