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Thread: Atari 7800 Source Code Released

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    retro Atari 7800 Source Code Released

    jadoon88 writes to share a series of old Atari 7800 games that have been unofficially open sourced.
    "Remember Dig Dug or Centipede or Robotron? They used to be favorites when Atari's 7800 series was still around. Since the era of those consoles is over, and a different world of interactive reality gaming has taken over, Atari has unofficially released source code of over 15 games for the coders and enthusiasts to admire the state-of-the-art (because this is what it was back then). During those times, nobody would have imagined in their wildest dreams the games that Atari's developers floated into the gaming thirsty market and instantly swept across continental boundaries. But things changed soon after that and a company once regarded as one of the most successful gaming console manufacturers and developers faded away in the pages of our technology's hall-of-fame

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    Yeah, this release is awesome. I tried to submit it to you guys yesterday, but I got a PHP error when I hit post.

    Has anyone besides me been digging in this code?

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