ndPython is an interpreter able to execute a Python program on every
platform supported by Nanodesktop (like PSPE and PSP).


The version S252N04V04 contains the Nanodesktop 0.4 core, the Stackless
Python 2.52 interpreter (the third number indicates the version 04 that is
the first released to public).

The interpreter supports many standard Python modules (as network
module), it is accelerated in hardware and uses VFPU automatically,
it is optimized and stable. Our interpreter has been designed to follow
all standards and in way to be highly portable (it uses Nanodesktop
HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer).

As you can see in Visilab website, the system is composed by three

a) the interactive interpreter that executes the Python instructions
typed by the user in an interactive way;

b) the compiler that can create a byte-coded executable (.pyc)
starting for a Python source (.py);

c) the executor that can execute a .pyc byte-coded program.

Through a special wrapper, called ndWrapper the programmer can
use all functionalities supplied by Nanodesktop 0.4: it is possible even to
use a Python routine as Nanodesktop callback.

The ndPython language can be found in the chapter 35 of Nanodesktop
user guide, downloadable here:


For the installation and use of the program, refer to the PDF
documents that are included in the rar packages.

For any type of help, Nanodesktop support forum is available for you:


I hope that it can be useful. In the next hours, some italian developers
will release some Python program (.pyc) that can be executed using
the Python executor.

Filippo Battaglia